I've installed xubuntu it worked good. I thought well maybe pulseaudio will work (because Skype requires it)? I've installed pulseaudio, the system got fucked up. I've got two different mixers in the top right corner which acted independently and one of them couldn't reach 100% by stucking on 93%. This made my headphones left and right channel sound on a different volume. Sigh.
I've opened terminal and typed in

sudo apt purge pulseaudio

The operation ended as expected and I have decided to listen to some music. No. No sound. What happened?
I've opened terminal and typed in


What did I see?

Why do you mute the front channel, pulseaudio? Why are you so mean and evil?
I moved the cursor to front channel by a keyboard arrows and pressed M. Front channel has been unmuted and the music started playing. I've closed alsamixer by pressing ESC and became an alcoholic. Fin.


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