The guy with rigs named BAREKET is also a SCAM rig owner as well. I had only one rig and 2 tickets about this rig, so you can imagine how it is hard for support to find out the provider name and the rig name. The good thing is: I lost only about 20$ on this shit. So, don't buy anything at because you will be SCAMMED by SCAMMERS.

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  1. miaviator:

    Nice propaganda!

    "Hi I purchased something but I won't tell you what or when or how much it was can you refund me?"

  2. Miaviator, all this info is available for the support. They just don't give a fuck. It's not propaganda, it's ragepost.

  3. Oh, I noticed that was you in the support. So you keep bullshitting me even on my own site, lol.

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